The Federal Republic of Nigeria is currently the hottest economy of 54 countries on the African continent due to oil excavation. Although it was a late start, It plays a big role in supplying oil and introducing oil projects. Therefore, DMD SILVERLINE has been steadily moving forward with negotiations with Japan's top three major oil industrial companies to Nigeria, (negotiations) to establish business with Japan, and introducing Japan's superior technologies. Others are:

1. Agricultural technology

Offering technological solutions, "agri-tech" businesses are marketing a wide variety of products and services for meeting industry demands, to generally increase productivity, lower costs, use less resources such as energy, water and pesticides, and improve product quality and availability.

2. Infrastructure

Highly developed physical infrastructure of roads, highways, railways, subways, airports, harbours, warehouses and telecommunications for distribution of all types of goods and services.

3. Childhood Education

The main focus of Japanese early childhood education is to guide children to develop these essential human attributes rather than to teach them academic skills. ... Equally important is the belief that, with a little help from teachers and supports, children should experience activities based on their interests.

4. Youth and Sports

Sport can contribute significantly to international, national, and local efforts to give children a healthy start. Sport can help those who haven’t received a good start. And equip youth with the information, skills, personal and social resources, and support needed to make crucial life transitions successfully. Sports-based youth development is a theory and practice model for programs to place the mental and physical health of youth over their athletic success.

Knowing the athletism that is in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, the development of many of the youth will be a significant achievement.